How to set up a proxy in AdsPower Browser

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AdsPower is an anti detect browser that becomes a really strong tool for E-commerce marketers from the Chinese developers with the greatest English language support. The main advantage of the AdsPower Browser is its’ cheap price comparable to its rivals, but the features and general work of the tool are not inferior even to Indigo.

Main features of the AdsPower Browser

The AdsPower Browser provides a number of really good advantages. We consider Top 7 features that increase the anonymity of the AdsPower antidetect browser:

  • Multi-account management - AdsPower can manage batch accounts, including import and export batch accounts, create tasks, etc.
  • Browser fingerprint management - multiple browser windows have independent digital fingerprints set, including time zone, default language, user agent, font and resolution. You can try the fingerprint set provided by the browser itself or customize the fingerprint information by your own.
  • Multithreading - AdsPower can open multiple browser windows at the same time. Such browser environments are independent of each other and can prevent mutual associations.
  • Automated work - the browser provides automatic operation that can boost up your efficiency. In addition, it provides customized automation operations.
  • Team interaction function - AdsPower provides teamwork functionality for team users. It supports the simultaneous work of several users in the system.
  • Facebook Automation - Bulk Homepage, PMs, Budget Checker, and bulk creation of homepage or invitation via PM.
  • Cookies - the possibility to insert your own cookies, this will make it easy to avoid hundreds of bans, as well as, to move and use your accounts from another browser or service.

Proxy types supported by AdsPower Browser

Before we start configuration of the AdsPower you should ensure that you have the following proxy:

  • Type of the supported proxy protocol: HTTP, HTTP(S), Socks5;
  • Proxy Address (IP of the proxy) or hostname;
  • Proxy port;
  • Authorization by IP or just by a login and password.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in AdsPower anti detect browser

Step-By-Step Proxy configuration in the AdsPower Browser

AdsPower provides management of e-commerce platforms, social media, advertising and marketing website accounts, as well as allows unlimited access to major websites or platforms. Let’s take a look at how to get the most features of the browser setting up a proxy.

  1. Open the AdsPower Browser and choose “Account Management”.
  2. Press the “Single Import” button under the “Batch Import” button.


  3. Select the proxy type by pressing on the drop-down menu at the right side of “Proxy Type”.
  4. Enter the host address or just an IP address of the proxy.
  5. Enter the proxy port.
  6. Enter username and password from the authorization for your proxy, or if your proxy is tied to your main IP address, simply saying - authorization by the IP address, then you should skip this step.


  7. Check the proxy by appropriate button, if the system shows the message about proxy inoperability, then you should check every field once again.
  8. After proxy configuring, click the “Open” button to open the browser profile. If you want to change the proxy, just click the green switch button under the “Account ID” address.
  9. Anyway, after the configuration we recommend checking the changed IP by visiting any IP checker via Google.



The AdsBrowser becomes a really strong and powerful tool for the e-commerce marketers and also just for “normie” users. Using proxies from Proxy-Seller you will get the maximum potential of the antidetect browser.


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