Selling of proxy IPv6

The number of available IP addresses of IPv4 version has fallen sharply so the price is greatly increased. But today Protocol IPv4 can be replaced by new IPv6 with a huge number of free IP.

The main advantage of proxy Ipv6 is the low cost. You can buy proxy IPv6 from us at the best price in the market and in unlimited quantities!

Advantages of work with us

Today you can get a stable and fast IPv6 proxies at an affordable price!

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Our servers are located at the best Data Centres.

Twenty-four-hour customer support

Replacement of proxy or the refund of costs during the day after issuing

What is IPv6 proxy?

  • New Internet proxy Protocol which replaced IPv4.
  • IPv6 proxy connects via IPv4 address, that excludes problems during the connecting via different software or browser.
  • Almost endless number of IP addresses, which can easily be used as proxy.
  • Low price of proxy allows you deploy a wider range of activities while spending less money.
  • High-speed channels are providing the opportunity to work with many streams. 
  • IPv6 addresses as IPv4 work with proxy Protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.

Who needs IPv6 ?

  • The best traffic sellers are already buying proxy IPv6 in our service. They successfully pour traffic and receive additional profit due to low price of proxy Ipv6.
  • Proxy IPv6 perfectly suited for work in SMM sector. Such social networks as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Google+ already supporting this Protocol.
  • If you are an SEO specialist and if you work with services where hundreds of proxies are needed than IPv6 is your best choice.
  • Doubt whether your resource is supporting Protocol IPv6 proxy?  
     You can check it on this resource

Our rates


0.5$ 30 days / per one proxy

  • 5-19 IPv6 addresses
  • USA | Russia | Ukraine | Germany
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • In one hands
  • 24/7 Support
  • Setup - free

0.3$ 30 days / per one proxy

  • 20-99 IPv6 addresses
  • USA | Russia | Ukraine | Germany
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • In one hands
  • 24/7 Support
  • Setup - free

0.15$ 30 days / per one proxy

  • from 100 IPv6 addresses
  • USA | Russia | Ukraine | Germany
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • In one hands
  • 24/7 Support
  • Setup - free


When do I receive proxy after the payment?

The connection of IP addresses takes from 20 to 40 minutes after completing of your request and payment.

How do I receive my purchased proxies?

Purchased proxies will be send to the e-mail, which you specified in your request after their connection.

Is there a possibility to extend proxy?

For extending your proxy you need to contact with our on-line operator using more comfortable type of communication for you: icq, skype, on-line chat.

For what period can I buy proxy?

You can buy proxy for term from 1 to 12 months.You can choose the term after clicking the “Buy” button in chosen rate.

What payment methods can I use?

Our website supports all popular payment systems: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, Skrill, WebMoney, QIWI and others.

How can I use IPv6 if my program supports only IPv4?

Proxy IPv6 works through address IPv4.In this case website you are working with should support IPv6 Protocol.

Which sites do support IPv6 proxy?

At this moment not all sites support IPv6 Protocol.In particular sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, Youtube, LinkedIn, Telegram supporting it.

How can I check whether my site works with IPv6?

For checking the interaction of your site with the IPv6 proxies use this link.

What Protocols are supported by your proxy?

Our proxy support all Protocols that are needed for work: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.

Do you give a proxy ipv6 for test?

No, we don’t have testing term for this case. You can make minimal purchase – 5 proxy and test them. In case they do not met your conditions, you can get your money back during 24 hours period.

How can I check whether purchased proxies work?

For checking the workability you can use service:

Contact info

E-mail: [email protected]


ICQ: 310-040